10.7 Manually Registering a Device

A device is automatically registered when the ZENworks Agent is installed. You should only need to manually register a device in the following situations:

  • The device was unregistered.

  • The device object was deleted from the ZENworks database. The ZENworks Agent is still installed on the device and you now want to register the device again.

  • You want to reregister an already registered device with an additional registration key.

Manual registration of a device must be done at the device using the ZENworks Agent command line utility (zac).

The following sections provide instructions:

10.7.1 Performing an Initial Registration

  1. At the device, open a command prompt.

  2. Enter the following command:

    zac reg [-k key] [-u ZENworks Administrator username -p ZENworks Administrator password] [server_url:port]

    For example:

    zac reg -k acct -u zadmin -p novell https://zserver.novell.com

    The -k, -u, and -p parameters are optional. If you do not use the -u and -p parameters, you are prompted to enter a username and password. For the server_url:port parameter, you can also use an IP address; the port is required only if the ZENworks Server is not using the default port (80 or 443).

    NOTE:The -g and -k options are meant only for the initial registration of a device. On subsequent registration requests, -g and -k options will not be honored because of the reconciliation of the device with an existing device object.

10.7.2 Reregistering a Device with an Additional Registration Key

  1. At the device, open a command prompt.

  2. Enter the following command:

    zac add-reg-key registration_key

    For example:

    zac add-reg-key acct

    Registration keys are additive. If you register with more than one key, the device receives all group memberships associated with each registration key.