6.0 Finding Data

You can search the Device List to find specific data. For example, you can find USB Version entries equal to 2.0, or you can find all Manufacturer entries that contain SanDisk.

To find data:

  1. Display the list (USB Devices or Removable Drives) that contains the data you want to find.

  2. Click Edit > Find.


    Click Find on the toolbar.

  3. In the Find What field, type the text you want to find.

    You can enter a partial word, a complete word, or multiple words.

  4. (Conditional) Click Options to display the advanced Find options, or skip to Step 6.

  5. Fill in the following fields:

    Look in: Select the column to search. To search all columns, select All columns.

    Direction: Select the search direction (Up or Down). The default is Down.

    Match case: Select this option to find only occurrences that match the capitalization used in the Find What field. For example, if you specify USB, Usb and usb are not found.

    Match entire cell contents: Select this option to require the cell contents to exactly match the text in the Find What field. The cell cannot contain more or less text than the Find What text. For example, if you specify USB, USB1.1 and USB Micro are not matched. Capitalization is ignored unless you turn on the Match case option.

  6. Click Find Next to find the next occurrence that matches the criteria.


    Click Find All to find all matching occurrences.