5.3 Managing Locations

The following table lists the tasks you can perform to manage locations:



Additional Details

Edit a location

  1. Click the location name.

  2. Modify the fields as desired.

    If you need help with the options, click the Help button.

  3. Click Apply.

For an Unknown location, you can edit only the throttle rate (in the Details tab) and the Location Closest Servers settings (in the Servers tab).

If you choose to exclude the Closest Server default rule and do not configure Configuration and Authentication servers for a location, then the location is considered as a disconnected location. During the next general refresh of the managed device, the location is displayed as Unknown in the ZENworks icon properties page.

Delete a location

  1. Select the check box in front of the location.

  2. Click Delete.

You cannot delete the Unknown location.

You cannot delete a location that has ZENworks objects associated. To delete a location that has ZENworks objects associated, you must first remove the association and then delete the location.

Rename a location

  1. Select the check box in front of the location.

  2. Click Rename to display the Rename Location dialog box.

  3. Specify the new name in the Name field, then click OK.

The name must conform to the ZENworks object naming conventions. You cannot rename the Unknown location. Fpr information about the naming conventions, see Naming Conventions in ZENworks Control Center in the ZENworks Control Center Reference.

IMPORTANT:If the location is referenced by a Location Assignment policy (one of the security policies used with Endpoint Security Management), the Location Assignment policy must be republished before the name change will be reflected on assigned devices. For information about republishing a security policy, see Publishing Policies in the ZENworks Endpoint Security Policies Reference.

Reorder the locations

  1. Select the check box next to the location you want to move.

    You can select multiple locations to move at one time.

  2. Click Move Up or Move Down to reposition the location.

The order of the list determines which location is used if the agent matches multiple locations.

For more information on how the location and the network environment are selected on a managed device, see Section 5.4, Location and Network Environment Selection on a Managed Device

When you add a new location, the Unknown location is listed last, and its order cannot be changed.

View the list of ZENworks Objects associated to a location

  1. Click the number in the Reference Count column.

The Relationships page displays the ZENworks objects such as policies and bundles that are associated to the location. A ZENworks object such as a bundle or policy is associated with a location only if it contains a reference to the location through system requirement or policy configuration.

The list displays the following information:

  • Name of the associated policy or bundle.

  • Type of the policy or bundle.

  • Location of the associated policy or bundle.

Search for a location

  1. In the Search option () of the Locations panel, type the string to be used to filter the locations, then press Enter.

The search string that you specify can contain alphanumeric characters. The Search functionality displays the locations with the name that contains the specified string or with the Reference Count that matches the exact string that you specify.

Clear the Search Result

  1. Click . next to the Search option in the Locations panel.