2.3 Downloading and Installing the PRU

ZENworks provides a Product Recognition Update (PRU) to update your knowledge-base so that ZENworks Inventory can recognize newer software.

This action deploys the PRU to your database and sets its deployment to your managed devices to be scheduled. Deployment is then done by the ZENworks Agent on the devices.

If the PRU is not up-to-date, Inventory might return some software as unrecognized. However, you can use the Local Software Products utility to take a fingerprint of the unrecognized software to update your knowledgebase.

To download and install the PRU:

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click Configuration in the left pane, then click the System Updates tab.

  2. If a PRU is not displayed in the Available System Updates panel, click Action > Check for Updates.

    Information for the latest PRU is displayed, if it is available.

  3. To download a listed PRU, go to the Available System Updates panel, select the check box for a listed PRU, then click Action > Download Update.

  4. To install a downloaded PRU, go to the Available System Updates panel, then click Action > Deploy PRU Now.

    The PRU is now listed in the panel, where its progress is displayed.

After the system update is downloaded, the Preparing stage will be automatically initiated. For more information on Preparing stage, see Preparing an Update.

You can automate the PRU process (Availability check, Download and Deployment by scheduling the PRU. For more information, see PRU Schedule.

NOTE: The PRU content is replicated only on Primary Servers. Hence, Content Replication status is not displayed for Satellite Servers.