ZENworks Reporting Readme

August 2021

The information in this Readme pertains to the ZENworks Reporting releases.

1.0 ZENworks Reporting 7.8

The information in this Readme pertains to the ZENworks Reporting 7.8 release.

1.1 What’s New

ZENworks Reporting 7.8 is an incremental release, which needs to be upgraded from ZENworks Reporting 7.2 Appliance through Online channel update.

IMPORTANT:In ZENworks Reporting 7.8, use port 443 instead of 8443 to access the ZENworks Reporting console.

It is recommended that the Reporting Appliance is upgraded to ZENworks Reporting 7.8, as the latest version includes various enhancements and security upgrades, which are explained in the following sections:

ZENworks Reporting 7.8.0

Changes in ZENworks Reporting 7.8.0 include the following:

Administrator and User Login
  • Using the Appliance Administrator console, you can select User LDAP groups, only selected group members can log in as ZENworks Reporting Users, and only ZENworks Reporting administrator and ZENworks Reporting users will be allowed to log in.

  • The selected LDAP User Groups will be created as User Roles in ZENworks Reporting and ZENworks Reporting administrator can assign different permissions to these Roles. As and when a User logs in, he becomes part of the corresponding ZENworks Reporting Role.

  • Administrator can create roles with-in ZENworks Reporting Console, and Assign Users to or Delete these newly created Roles.

Cryptography Improvements

Import and export operations now allow the administrator to specify the encryption key. When importing through the server UI, a list of possible keys are displayed.

Updated User Interface

This release includes new visual changes on several pages. Some of the changes are as follows:

  • The Visualization Selector now has a new panel describing the selected visualization, including the requirements, and a new Apply and Close button.

  • The Dashboard Designer has usability improvements, including a new tool bar button to switch between editing and viewing a dashboard. The Designer now opens an embedded Ad Hoc Editor when creating and editing charts, cross-tabs, and tables.

  • The Report Viewer, Ad Hoc Designer, and Dashboard Designer are all updated with new icons, color coding, and matching styles so that viewing data is clearer and creating visualizations is simpler.

New Visualizations

The new gauge types are the circular gauge, the multi-level gauge, and the arc gauge. These gauges can be configured to set minimum and maximum values, colors for value ranges, whether the value is displayed, and if so the number of decimal places and a suffix string such as the% sign.

Ad Hoc Visualization Selector

This UI element has been updated to choose or switch between visualizations more easily. The visualization selector now lets you choose cross tab or table, and the chart selection includes a sidebar for chart categories. In addition, the visualization mode tool-bar drop-list is replaced with a visualization selector button.

New Color Picker Dialog

The Ad Hoc Designer and Dashboard Designer have a new color picker interface for specifying colors to match any palette where visualizations are embedded.

Colors in Ad Hoc Charts

There are several new features in the Ad Hoc Designer that allow greater customization of chart colors. New UI properties allow the user to set the series color, the plot color, and the background color in charts.

Distinct Values in the Ad Hoc Tables

The new distinct values selector in the Ad Hoc Designer hides the duplicate rows and makes tables shorter and easier to read. Note that tables with a totals row will not recalculate the total values when duplicate rows are hidden.

2.0 Upgrading to ZENworks Reporting 7.8

ZENworks Reporting 7.8 can be upgraded from ZENworks Reporting 7.2 Appliance only through Online channel update.


  • If you want to use ZENworks Reporting 7.8, then you need to deploy ZENworks Reporting 7.2 Appliance and then upgrade to ZENworks reporting 7.8 using Online Channel Upgrade in the Appliance console.

  • If you are migrating from ZENworks Reporting 6.x to ZENworks Reporting 7.8, you need to first migrate to 7.2, and then upgrade to ZENworks Reporting 7.8.

  • Ensure that you have registered with Micro Focus Customer Center to get the latest updates. For more information, see Online Update.

For more information, seeZENworks Reporting Appliance Deployment and Administration Reference.

3.0 Platform Support




ZENworks Reporting Appliance is compatible with the following ZENworks versions:

  • ZENworks 2017

  • ZENworks 2017 Update 1

  • ZENworks 2017 Update 2

  • ZENworks 2017 Update 3

  • ZENworks 2017 Update 4

  • ZENworks 2020

  • ZENworks 2020 Update 1

  • ZENworks 2020 Update 2


Speed: 2.0 GHz

For optimum results we recommend at least a 2.5 GHz multi-core processor

Multi-core processor 4 to 8

Type: Server-class CPU such as AMD64 dual core or Intel EM64T dual core or faster


8 GB minimum

Disk Space

60 GB minimum

Additional hard disk of 16 GB and above is recommended.

Supported Hypervisors

ZENworks Reporting appliance can be installed in the following virtual machine environments:

  • VMware Workstation 9.0 and higher

  • VMware ESXi 6.x and 7.x

  • Microsoft Hyper-V Server Windows 2012, 2012 R2, 2016 and 2019

  • XEN on SLES 12 and the support packs

  • Citrix Hypervisor 8.x (formerly XenServer 6.5, 7.x)

Web Browser

The following web browsers are supported:

  • Firefox ESR 68

  • Firefox version 58 and higher

  • Edge Chromium

  • Chrome version 55 and higher

4.0 Known Issues

This section contains information about issues that might occur while you work with ZENworks Reporting:

4.1 Dashlet with empty data overlapping with other dashlets when expanded

When you create a dashboard with empty Ad Hoc View dashlets, the data overlaps on the dashlets when expanded to full screen.

Workaround: If you had created any empty dashlet, remove it from the dashboard.

4.2 Visualization is hidden in the dashboard when Ad Hoc View name or Report title is not specified

When you create a dashboard without specifying Ad Hoc View name or Report title, then the visualization is hidden.

Workaround: Ensure that you provide a name for both Ad Hoc View or Report.

4.3 While accessing ZENworks Reporting Server a warning message might be displayed

If the certificate does not have the correct SubjectAlternativeName extension, then any of the following warnings might be displayed while accessing ZENworks Reporting Server:

  • Subject Alternative Name Missing


  • Your connection is not private

Workaround: None.

5.0 Additional Documentation

This Readme lists the issues specific to ZENworks Reporting. For all other ZENworks documentation, see the ZENworks documentation website.

6.0 Legal Notices

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