11.2 Security Locations

The Endpoint Security Agent enforces security policies on your device based on the security location of your device. The security location is determined from your surrounding network environment.

Depending on the security location, the applied security policies might be more or less restrictive. For example, if you are in the corporate office, your wireless access might be restricted to the corporate wireless network. One the other hand, if you are at home, your wireless access might allow you to connect to your home wireless network or other adhoc networks.

11.2.1 Viewing the Current Security Location

The current security location determines the security policies being applied to your device. To view the current location:

  • Right-click the ZENworks icon ZENworks icon in the notification area, select Technician Application, and click Security Location in the ZENworks Agent. The current location is identified by a check mark.


  • Right-click the ZENworks icon in the notification area, click Technician Application, and click Endpoint Security. The current location is specified under Security Location.

11.2.2 Viewing the Available Security Locations

The ZENworks Agent selects your current security location from a list of locations provided by your ZENworks administrator. To view the available locations:

  1. Right-click the ZENworks icon ZENworks icon in the notification area, and select Technician Application.

  2. In the ZENworks Agent navigation menu, click Endpoint Security.

    The Assignable Security Locations for the Device box lists the locations that can be assigned to your device. There are two ways in which a location is assigned:

    • The ZENworks Agent assigns the location based on the current network environment. If the current network environment does not match any location that has been defined by your ZENworks administrator, Unknown Location is displayed.

    • You manually change the location assignment using the ZENworks icon menu in the notification area. This is possible only if the ZENworks administrator has enabled the location to be manually changed.

    The Allow Manual Change column indicates whether or not you can change to and from the location. For example, assume the list includes three locations. Location1 and Location2 can be manually changed, but Location3 cannot. If the ZENworks Agent determines the current location to be Location1, you can manually change to Location2 but not to Location3. This is because Location1 and Location2 both allow manual changes, but Location3 does not. If the ZENworks Agent determines that the location is Location3, you cannot change the location.

11.2.3 Changing Security Locations

You can change security locations only if additional locations are available and allow manual changes. See Section 11.2.2, Viewing the Available Security Locations.

When you change security locations, the ZENworks Agent applies the security policies associated with the new location. You should exercise caution when manually changing locations to ensure that you do not expose your device to unexpected security risks.

To change the security location:

Right-click the ZENworks icon ZENworks icon in the notification area, select Security Location, and then click the new location.