7.1 Design and Planning

The following are key considerations when planning your PostgreSQL implementation:

7.1.1 Database Size and File Locations

ZENworks recommends 10 GB of hard disk space for every 1,000 devices. A minimum 4GB RAM is recommended for the external PostgreSQL server or the machine that hosts PostgreSQL.

Database file organization significantly impacts the performance of the database. Database performance can be improved when database files are placed in separate drives that are attached to different I/O controllers. It is recommended that you put temporary files on the fastest device, physically separate from the one that holds the actual database file.

7.1.2 Saving the ZENworks Database Password

When you create a new ZENworks zone, a database password is generated and subsequently used by each Primary Server. To back up the ZENworks database passwords, run the following commands and save the retrieved passwords in a secure location:

  • zenadmin: zman dgc

  • zenauditadmin: zman dgca

  • zenadmin (superuser): zman dgcs