6.1 Action - Linux Imaging Script

The Action - Linux Imaging Script is used for scripting actions to take place in the preboot environment on managed devices. The Linux Imaging Script bundle is run on the device even if it has not been previously assigned to that device.

Linux Imaging Script bundle can contain any ZENworks script (containing the general shell and ZENworks Imaging Engine commands) that you can run from the imaging maintenance mode prompt.

6.1.1 Adding a New Linux Imaging Script Action

  1. Specify a script name in the Action Name field.

  2. Specify the text of the script in the Script Text field.

    The script is restricted to doing imaging work prior to the device’s operating system startup.

  3. Click OK to create the new script action.

6.1.2 Editing an Existing Linux Imaging Script Action

  1. In the Action Name field, edit the existing name as needed.

  2. In the Script Text field, edit the existing script as needed.

  3. Click OK to save the changes.