E.1 Help Mode

Use the -help mode command to get information about the img command if you don’t have this documentation available.

In the ZENworks Imaging Engine menu, you can access help for legacy img commands by clicking Help > Legacy Command-line Options. The legacy commands still work, but the newer ZENworks Configuration Management commands introduce added functionality.

To use the Help mode:

E.1.1 Using the ZENworks Imaging Engine Menu for Help

  1. To display the ZENworks Imaging Engine menu, enter:

  2. Click Help to display the drop-down menu of help items.

  3. Select a mode name to display the help for that mode command.

    The help includes the possible syntaxes for the command under SYNOPSIS and explanations for each command and parameter under OPTIONS.

E.1.2 Using the Imaging Maintenance Mode Prompt for Help

To display the help, enter:

img -help mode

where mode is the mode whose mode command you want help with.


Table E-1 Help Mode Commands and Parameters



img -help

Displays a short description of all modes.

img -help -m

Displays information on how to use the Make mode.

img -help -p

Displays information on how to use the Partition mode.