E.8 Dump Mode

The -dump mode command provides information about the device’s hard drives and partitions.

To use the Dump mode:

E.8.1 Using the ZENworks Imaging Engine Menu to View Partition Information

  1. To display the ZENworks Imaging Engine menu, enter:

  2. Click System information, then click Drive information.

    Information concerning the hard drives and partitions is displayed.

E.8.2 Using the Imaging Maintenance Mode Prompt to View Partition Information

Using the imaging maintenance mode prompt, the following example explains the syntax and available parameters that you can use with the Dump (-dump) mode command:

img -dump [-geo]

where the -geo parameter is optional.

You can abbreviate -dump -geo as ‑dg.

For more information, see:

Command Details

Table E-16 Dump Mode Commands and Parameters




Lists the existing partitions on all local hard drives. For each partition, the type, size, and slot number of the partition are given.

The ZENworks partition and Dell or Compaq configuration partitions are not listed.


Displays additional information about the geometry (cylinders, heads, and sectors) and capacity of each hard drive.


Table E-17 Dump Mode Examples



img -dump

Lists the current partitions on all local writable devices.

img -dump ‑geo

Lists all hard drives, their geometry and capacity, and the current partitions on the writable devices.