D.7 Tool to Read the ZENworks Image Information

If you have multiple images in content repository or shared path, then to collect information about each image whether it is a WinPE or legacy image, might take lot of time. The zmginfo tool helps to gather information about an image, to create bundles with restore, and take actions with Linux and WinPE distro. Using the zmginfo, you can get basic and full information of the image.

Following is the list of image type supported by zmginfo:

  • Base-Linux-tuxera, addon

  • Base-linux-legacy, addon

  • Base-linux-OS, addon

  • Base-Winpe-Windows, addon

  • Explorer-addon

  • Bundle-addon

The zmginfo tool is available in the following locations:

  • On Windows: %ZENWORKS_HOME\bin\preboot\zmginfo.exe

  • On Linux: /opt/novell/zenworks/preboot/bin/zmginfo

To view the syntax and usage information, run the zmginfo -h command. After running the command, the following information is displayed:

Usage: zmginfo [option] [folder|filename]
[folder|filename] optional, if contentrepo/ images folder present on the device

Contentrepo location:

On Windows: %ZENWORKS_HOME%\work\contentrepo\

On Linux: /var/opt/novell/zenworks/content-repo/

Following are the supported options:

  • -i bundle-xml-file: Exports empty Preboot bundle XML to generate the linux_to_winpe_bundle.xml, that can be imported later. The generated XML can be used while Creating WinPE Image using the Existing Legacy Image.

  • -b: Lists all the images available on the device with basic information such as Image Name and Image type

  • -f: Lists the detailed information of the images available on the device such as image name, image type, partition count, disk size to restore, network adaptor, partition information and so on.

  • -h: Displays this help

D.7.1 Creating WinPE Image using the Existing Legacy Image

To create WinPE image using the existing Legacy image, perform the following steps:

  1. In ZCC, create an empty Preboot bundle, without any actions.

  2. On the Primary Server, run the zman betf <bundle_name> emp.xml command. Where, <bundle_name> is the empty Preboot bundle that was created in the using the above steps.

    For more information on the betf command, see the Utils guide.

  3. Go to the content repo location, and then run the zmginfo –i command.

    After successfully running the command, linux_to_winpe_bundle.xml is created.

  4. Create a new bundle using the file generated in Step 3:

    zman bc <bundle_name> linux_to_winpe_bundle.xml

  5. After running the command, depending on the existing Linux distro images, bundle is created with multiple actions.

    Go to ZCC and in bundles, verify if bundle is created with following actions:

    Based on the number of Linux images, corresponding Linux and WinPE script actions should be created.