12.6 ZENworks System Variables


During bundle MSI action, if one MSI is already running on the Windows device, the Bundle MSI action fails. To address this issue, a new zone level system variable “MAX_WAIT_FOR_WIS” is introduced. By enabling the system variable, the Bundle MSI action waits for the specified time for other MSI to complete, and then fails the bundle MSI action.

For example: If the value of MAX_WAIT_FOR_WIS variable is set to 5, the Bundle MSI action waits for a maximum of 5 minutes before failing the action. If the MSI installer is available between 0 to 5 minutes, then bundle MSI action will start the installation.

12.6.2 Content_Download_Failure_Log_Level

Using this system variable, on Windows or Linux Satellite Servers, you can either prevent the logging of error messages for content replication on Satellite Servers or you can log them as warnings or error messages. The values for these actions are NoLogging, Error and Warning respectively. If no value is defined for this variable, the error messages are logged as errors.