8.10 Manually Reconciling Duplicate Products

During an Inventory scan, when the collector collects information about the software products installed on the device, the same set of software products might be reported from the ZENworks Knowledgebase and from the Add or Remove Programs. The collector reconciles such duplicate entries automatically.

However, if duplicate entries are still displayed in the list of discovered products, you need to manually reconcile them to ensure that entries are reported only once.

Example 8-1 Example:

If Product A (from the Fingerprint) and Product B (from Add or Remove Programs) appear in the list of discovered products and they are actually the same product, you can manually reconcile Product A and B. After manual reconciliation, Product B does not appear in the list of discovered products.

8.10.1 Manually Reconciling Discovered Products

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click the Asset Management tab.

  2. In the License Management page, click Discovered Products.

  3. Select the product (primary) that you want to reconcile.

  4. Click Action > Reconcile Products.

  5. Click OK to continue

  6. In the Selection dialog box, click to display search results.

  7. Select the relevant discovered product (secondary) that needs to be reconciled with the product selected in Step 3.

  8. Click OK.

NOTE:Use the Reconcile option with caution, because after the manual reconciliation, all references to the secondary discovered product are removed from the ZENworks Asset Management database.

8.10.2 Undoing Manual Reconciliation

If you have reconciled Product X with Product Y, and later realize that Product Y is not the same as Product X, you can undo the manual reconciliation.

  1. In the search panel on the Discovered Products page, locate Product Y by filtering the install status (reconciled).

  2. Select Product Y and click Action > Reconcile Product

  3. Click OK.

NOTE:To completely restore product Y to a state prior to the reconciliation, you need to do a full inventory scan from all the devices in the Management Zone.