ZENworks Preboot Services and Imaging Reference

  ZENworks Preboot Services and Imaging Reference
      Support Matrix for ZENworks Imaging
      Brief Overview
      What Is the Preboot Execution Environment (PXE)?
      Preboot Services Functionality
      The Preboot Services Processes
      Preboot Strategies
    Setting Up Preboot Services and Imaging
      Preparing a Preboot Services Imaging Server
      Preparing a Satellite with the Imaging Role
      Setting Up the Preboot Services Methods for ZENworks Imaging
      Deploying and Managing Preboot Services
      Configuring Preboot Services Defaults for ZENworks Imaging
      Overriding Preboot Services Defaults
      Enabling PXE on Devices
      Setting Up Devices for ZENworks Imaging
    Using Imaging
      Imaging Devices
      Understanding the Sandboxing Behaviour for Preboot Bundles
      Multicasting Images for ZENworks Imaging
      Configuring Linux Imaging Script Bundles for ZENworks Imaging
      Configuring the AutoYaST Bundle
      Configuring the Kickstart Bundle
      Using Dell Configuration Bundles
      Configuring MDT Deployment Bundles
      Assigning Preboot Bundles
      Editing Imaging Work
      Managing Preboot Bundles
      ZENworks WinPE Imaging
      High Performance NTFS Driver (Tuxera)
      Remote Imaging over SSH
      Converting MBR Disk to GPT Disk
    Imaging Operations in a ZENworks Asset Management Agent and ZENworks Desktop Management Agent Coexistence Environment
      Taking an Image of a Device that has the ZDM 7.x Agent and the ZENworks Agent with Asset Management Installed
      Restoring the Image
    Mac Imaging
      Creating an Image
      Imaging Process
      Mac Image File Placement
      Configuring Netboot service in novell-proxydhcp
      Configuring Image Details
      Configuring the Default Image Using the IsDefault Key and Troubleshooting
      Supported Mac Startup Key Combinations and Its Behavior
    Preboot Actions
      Action - Linux Imaging Script
      Action - Linked Application Bundle
      Action - MDT Deployment
      Action - Multicast Image Set
      Action - ZENworks Image
      Action - Third Party Image
      Action - WinPE Imaging Script
      Action - AutoYaST Bundle
      Action - DellDTK Configuration
      Action - Kickstart
    File Sets and Image Numbers
      File Sets
      Image Numbers
    Replicating the TFTP Directory
      Configuring the TFTP Directory Replication Settings at the Management Zone Level
      Configuring the TFTP Directory Replication Settings at the Folder Level
      Configuring the TFTP Directory Replication Settings at the Device Level
      Understanding the TFTP Replication Schedule Types
      Resolving Circular Dependency on the Master Primary Server
    Third-Party Imaging
      Third-Party Imaging Highlights in ZENworks
      Things to Know Before Working on ZENworks Third-Party Imaging
      Performing ZENworks Third-Party Imaging by Using ZENworks Control Center
      Setting Up Preboot Services for ZENworks Third-Party Imaging
      Performing ZENworks Third-Party Imaging in the Maintenance Mode
      Configuring WinPE Imaging Script Bundles
      Configuring the Destination Disk Structure Before Restoring a WIM Image
    Imaging Utilities and Components
      Image Explorer (zmgexp)
      Novell ZENworks Configuration Management Imaging Agent (novell-ziswin)
      Novell ZENworks ISD Service (novell-zisdservice)
      Novell ZENworks Linux Management Imaging Agent (novell-zislnx)
      Image-Safe Data Viewer and Editor (zisview and zisedit)
      ZENworks Imaging Media Creator (zmediacreator)
      Imaging Configuration Parameters (settings.txt)
      Logging configuration parameter (novell-prebootlookup.conf)
      Imaging Boot Parameter for PCMCIA Cards
      Imaging Server
      TFTP Client for WinPE
    ZENworks Imaging Engine Commands
      Help Mode
      Automatic (Query for Work) Mode
      Make Mode
      Restore Mode
      Session Mode (Multicast Image Set)
      Partition Operations Mode
      ZENworks Partition Management Mode
      Dump Mode
      Information Mode
      Return Codes Generated by ZENworks Imaging Engine (img)
    Updating ZENworks Imaging Resource Files
      The Linux Distribution for Imaging
      Understanding Device Boot Processes in a ZENworks Imaging Environment
      Understanding ZENworks Partitions and Command Line Parameters
      Modifying ZENworks Imaging Resource Files
      Adding or Updating LAN Drivers
      Variables and Parameters
      Troubleshooting Linux Driver Problems
    Dell DTK
      Upgrading the Dell DTK
      Troubleshooting Dell Configuration Bundle
    Supported Ethernet Cards
    Accessing IP Addresses for Devices Running Dual NICs
    Troubleshooting Preboot Services and Imaging
      Preboot Services and Imaging Error Messages
      Troubleshooting Preboot Services and Imaging Services
    Legal Notices