6.35 Action - Repair Bundle

The Action - Repair Bundle dialog box lets you repair a bundle on the device. You can also specify the specific requirements that a device must meet for the action to be executed on the device.

Repairing a bundle ensures that the specified bundle or bundle group has been properly installed on the device.

For example, for an MSI bundle, repairing the bundle results in the task running an MSI /repair process against the bundle.

It is a best practice to ensure that the actions under Repair perform a basic re-installation of the program, and that they are Enabled. Repair is usually displayed as Repair install actions, which means that the actions under Install are run again when users select Repair from the action menu of the icon on their computer. This raises the service level considerably for the end user – the program can be reinstalled without help from the IT service.

To access this dialog box in ZENworks Control Center, click the Bundles tab. Click the underlined link of a bundle in the Name column of the Bundles list, click the Actions tab, click one of the action set tabs (Distribute, Install, Launch, Repair, Uninstall, Terminate, or Preboot), click the Add drop-down list, then select an available action.

The following sections contains additional information:

6.35.1 General

The General page lets you repair a bundle on the device. Click Browse icon to browse to and select the bundle to repair on the device.

The Look in list defaults to /Bundles. If you have created subfolders to hold your bundles, use the down-arrow to select the appropriate folder. The Items of type list defaults to All Types so that all types of bundles are displayed (Preboot bundles, Windows bundles). If you know the name of the bundle you are looking for, you can use the Item name box to search for the bundle.

Creating this action creates a bundle dependency. For more information, see Section 8.8, Dependency Bundles.

6.35.2 Requirements

The Requirements page lets you define specific requirements that a device must meet for the action to be enforced on it. For information about the requirements, see Requirements.