11.0 Managing Bundle Settings

The Settings page lets you manage bundle settings, including the variables that are available for use on bundles and content replication settings for ZENworks Primary Servers and Satellite devices.

Settings can be inherited from the following locations:

  • (System): The bundle is inheriting the setting established for the Management Zone (Configuration tab > Management Zone Settings).

  • Folder: The bundle is inheriting the setting established for one of its parent folders.

  • Device: The bundle is not inheriting the setting, but the setting is configured directly on the bundle. In other words, the setting is not configured at the system level, the folder level, or the bundle level.

To configure a setting for the bundle:

  1. Click Bundle Management.

  2. Click the setting name.

  3. If the setting is configured at the system or folder level, click Override settings to enable you to configure the setting at the bundle level.

  4. Fill in the fields.

    To get information about the fields, click the Help button or review the following sections: