6.6 Updating the ZENworks Knowledgebase

The ZENworks Knowledgebase is updated in several ways:

The Knowledgebase Status panel (Configuration > Asset Inventory) shows the date of the latest Product Recognition Update (PRU) and if there are newly defined local software products ready to merge with the Knowledgebase.

6.6.1 Merging Local Software Products with the ZENworks Knowledgebase

After a Local Software Product is created, you can add it to the ZENworks Knowledgebase so that subsequent scans identify the product on devices. The Knowledgebase Status panel on the Asset Inventory page (Configuration > Asset Inventory) shows when there are products ready to be merged.

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click the Configuration tab.

  2. Click the Asset Inventory tab.

  3. In the Local Software Products panel, select any local product you want to merge.

  4. Click Action > Update Knowledgebase with Local Product Changes.A message appears to remind you that updates should only be made after all local product changes are complete. For information on editing local product data, see Section 6.5, “Editing Product Information,” on page 76.

  5. Click OK to merge the listed software products with the Knowledgebase.

    NOTE:When you select a local product for merging, changes to other local products are also merged with the ZENworks Knowledgebase.

6.6.2 Updating the ZENworks Knowledgebase with the PRU

To make sure that your ZENworks Knowledgebase is up-to-date, ensure that the latest PRU is always deployed in your zone.

  1. To download and deploy the latest PRU, log in to ZENworks Control Center, click Configuration > System Updates.

  2. Click Action > Check for Updates. It might take some time to connect and get the request from the server.

  3. The new PRU is visible on the System Updates page. To download the update, click Action > Download Update.

  4. Verify that the update is in the directory where you downloaded it, then click Action > Deploy PRU Now.

  5. To verify the status of the PRU, go to Configuration, then click Asset Inventory > Knowledge Base Status.

    The Knowledge Base Status should be similar to the following graphic:

  6. Refresh the server and the agent and run a scan.

  7. Go to the Inventory Details page and verify that the required software appears in the inventory list.