ZENworks Administrator Accounts and Rights Reference

  ZENworks Administrator Accounts and Rights Reference
      Administrator Groups
      Rights Assignments and Conflict Resolution
    Best Practices
    Managing Administrator Accounts
      Creating Administrators
      Deleting Administrators
      Renaming Administrators
      Searching for Administrators
      Changing Administrator Passwords
    Managing Administrator Groups
      Creating Administrator Groups
      Creating Administrator Accounts for Members of User Source Administrator Groups
      Modifying the Membership of ZENworks Administrator Groups
      Deleting Administrator Groups
      Renaming Administrator Groups
    Managing Administrator Roles
      Creating Roles
      Assigning Roles
      Modifying Roles
      Renaming Roles
      Deleting Roles
    Assigning Rights
      Assigning Rights
      Modifying Assigned Rights
      Removing Assigned Rights
    Rights Descriptions
      Administrator Rights
      Apple DEP Device Rights
      Bundle Rights
      Contract Management Rights
      Credential Rights
      Deployment Rights
      Device Rights
      Discovery Rights
      Document Rights
      Inventoried Device Rights
      LDAP Import Rights
      License Management Rights
      Location Rights
      Patch Rights - Device
      Patch Rights - Zone
      Policy Rights
      Quick Task Rights
      Remote Management Rights
      Subscription Rights
      Sharing Rights
      System Update Rights
      User Rights
      User Source Rights
      ZENworks User Group Rights
      Zone Rights
      Inventory Report Rights
      Asset Management Report Rights
    Legal Notice