1.1 Understanding the Upgrade Installer

  • If you are using the Sybase database, then the database should be migrated to the PostgreSQL database.

    For more information, see Database Migration from Sybase to PostgreSQL

  • Upgrades all ZENworks Configuration Management components on the Primary Servers, including Configuration Management, Asset Management, Asset Inventory, Endpoint Security Management, and Patch Management.

  • Upgrades the ZENworks database and the Audit database. This occurs when the first server is upgraded.

  • After you upgrade the first server to ZENworks 2020, the System Update is available for upgrading the supported versions of ZENworks Satellite Servers and managed devices to ZENworks 2020.

    The time required to complete the upgrade on the first Primary Server depends on the size of the data present in database. For Primary Servers using an Microsoft SQL or Oracle database with more than 200,000 records to be purged, the Upgrade installer provides an option to prune the database before upgrading. For information, see Database Purging.