3.1 System Requirements and Other Recommendations

The minimum hardware requirements and other recommendations for the Vertica and Kafka servers (nodes) are:

  • Single Node Cluster: A single node (server) cluster is recommended if you have less than 10000 devices in the zone. For a single node cluster, you can configure both Kafka and Vertica on a single node.

  • Multiple Node Cluster: If you have more than 10000 devices in your zone, then you require more than one Vertica node. As the minimum size of a cluster is three nodes, a minimum three node cluster is required for such zones.

    For multiple node cluster, it is recommended that Vertica, Kafka and the Collection role are configured on different servers. As Vertica and Kafka are Disk I/O (input/output) intensive, Kafka should be enabled on a server that does not have Disk I/O intensive roles configured on it. As the Collection role is also Disk I/O intensive, Kafka should not be configured on the same server on which the Collection role is enabled.

  • Hardware Configuration: The minimum hardware requirements for the Vertica and Kafka servers are available at the location https://www.novell.com/documentation/zenworks-2020/pdfdoc/vertica_system_requirements/vertica_system_requirements.pdf. The minimum hardware configuration was derived based on the number of devices in the zone and the number of administrators accessing the Dashboards simultaneously.

    Ensure that the hardware configuration for all the servers within the Vertica cluster are the same.

  • Network Configuration: Ensure that all the nodes in the cluster are in the subnet to enable internal cluster communication. For more information on the network configuration recommendations, see the Vertica documentation.

  • Server Hostname: While adding servers or brokers to the Vertica, Kafka or ZooKeeper clusters, ensure that the servers do not have multiple hostnames.

  • Memory Allocation: To ensure appropriate memory is allocated for the Vertica and Kafka components and the ZENworks services on the server, run the Calibrate Memory Configure action on the server on which either Vertica and Kafka are installed. This action should be run after Vertica and Kafka are installed and before you proceed with bulk data migration. For more information, see Managing Vertica Memory Requirements.

For more information on other recommendations, see the Vertica documentation.