24.0 Specifying a Different Repository for the Content Role Satellite (Windows Only)

The content repository is located in the following default path on Windows Satellites:


To change the default path to another location accessible to the server:

  1. Make sure that the disk drive you want to use is attached to the Satellite and is properly formatted.

    You do not need to specify a drive letter, but the server must recognize the hardware.

  2. Make sure that there is no content in the default location (installation_path\zenworks\work\content-repo) by doing one of the following:

    • If the content-repo directory is not present in the path given above, create the content-repo directory in that path.

    • If you need to save the content that is now in this directory, rename the existing directory and create a new empty directory named content-repo.

      You can later copy the content from the renamed directory to the new content repository location (see Step 9).

    • If you do not need any of the content in the existing content-repo directory, delete the directory and re-create the content-repo directory.

    An empty content-repo directory must exist to act as the pointer to the new content repository location for the Satellite.

  3. Click Start, right-click the My Computer icon, then select Manage.

    You can also click Start, then enter compmgmt.msc at the Run command line.

  4. Select Disk Management under the Storage section in the left pane.

    The disk drive you selected in Step 1 should be displayed.

  5. Right-click the partition of the disk drive that you want to use as your content repository on the Satellite, then select Change Driver Letter and Paths.

    This is the disk drive (see Step 1) that you will mount to the content-repo directory.

  6. Click Add.

    This displays the Add Drive Letter or Path dialog box.

  7. Select Mount in the Following Empty NTFS Folder, then browse for and select the content-repo directory:


  8. Click OK as necessary to exit and save the configuration change.

  9. If necessary (see Step 2), move the files from the old renamed content-repo directory to the new content-repo directory.

    This copies the files to the hard drive that you have selected for your new content repository.