4.1 Uninstalling ZENworks from a Macintosh Managed Device

  1. At the console prompt, launch the uninstallation program by entering the following command:


  2. Select the type of uninstall you want to perform, then press Enter:

    • Unregister and Uninstall from zone: Select this option to uninstall the ZENworks software and unregister the device in the ZENworks Management Zone. Unregistering the device removes the device object and all references to the object in the zone.

    • Local Uninstallation only: Select this option to uninstall the ZENworks software but leave the device registered in the zone.

      In order to perform a local uninstall of the agent software, the Allow Users to Uninstall the ZENworks Agent option must be enabled for the device in ZENworks Control Center. Otherwise, the local uninstallation fails.

      The option is set at either the zone level (Configuration > Management Zone Settings > Device Management > ZENworks Agent > Agent Security), folder level (Devices > Managed > folder Details > Settings > Device Management > ZENworks Agent > Agent Security), or device level (Devices > device > Settings > Device Management > ZENworks Agent > Agent Security).

  3. If you selected Local Uninstallation only, skip to Step 4. Otherwise, you must provide the information required to connect to the ZENworks Management Zone to unregister the device after the ZENworks software is uninstalled:

    1. Specify the username for a ZENworks administrator account that has rights to unregister devices, then press Enter.

    2. Specify the password for the ZENworks administrator account, then press Enter.

  4. When the uninstall is complete, close the terminal window.

    If the uninstallation was successful, the following occurred:

    • The ZENworks Agent software was uninstalled.

    • All ZENworks-related software was removed from the device.

    • If the Unregister and Uninstall from zone option was used, the device object was removed from the ZENworks Management Zone. You can verify this in ZENworks Control Center (Devices tab > Managed tab > Servers folder).

    If the uninstallation failed, see the following log file: