3.2 Enrolling Devices in the Work Profile Mode

The work profile mode, also known as the Profile Owner mode, creates dedicated containers on devices for corporate apps and other related data, thereby enabling the organization to manage only the corporate data without compromising on the security of your personal data. Also, your system administrator can remotely wipe off only the business data on your device without affecting your personal data.

This section explains the procedure to enroll your device in the work profile mode. If you have already enrolled to ZENworks, see Work Profile Enrollment for Existing Users.

  1. Install the ZENworks Agent App from Google Play Store. Alternatively, follow the procedure mentioned in the invite letter to download the ZENworks Agent app.

  2. After installation, click Open. A brief description of the ZENworks Agent is displayed. Click Continue.

  3. Log in to the app by specifying the following:

    Username, Password, Domain, Server URL: Specify the username, password, and registration domain (if Allow Simple Enrollment is disabled for the user) along with the server URL of the ZENworks MDM Server.

    Alternatively, tap Scan to autofill in the ZENworks Agent app, to autofill the login credentials. If you have enabled the permission to allow ZENworks to access the device camera, then the camera will automatically open and you need to point the camera to the QR code appearing in the Invite Email. After scanning the QR code, the user is redirected to the ZENworks Agent App, in which all the login details are automatically filled and you need to only specify the login password.

  4. You might be prompted to specify the device ownership (corporate or personal). Select the appropriate ownership and tap OK.

  5. Follow the prompts appearing in the remaining screens and the device will automatically set up a work profile and enroll to ZENworks. The following screens are displayed during work profile setup.

    NOTE:Ensure that you do not interrupt the work profile setup process.

  6. The ZENworks Agent App Home screen is displayed that shows the device as enrolled and active.

  7. After your device is enrolled, a Badge icon attached to the ZENworks Agent App icon and other system apps will help differentiate work apps from personal apps.

On an Android 8.0+ device that has a device password already enabled, ZENworks will send a notification to confirm the existing device credentials, immediately after enrollment. Confirm your existing device credentials by specifying your PIN, pattern or passcode. This will enable your administrator to unlock your device in case you forget your device credentials in the future. .

3.2.1 Work Profile Enrollment for Existing Users

This section is meant for users who have already enrolled to ZENworks using the basic mode of enrollment (Android App only) and now want to be enrolled in the work profile mode.

NOTE:If you have already configured an email account, then it is recommended that you remove this account. The email account will be automatically configured in your device.

When your system administrator enables work profile setup for your device, you will receive a notification on your device to set up a work profile.

You need to open the ZENworks Agent app and click Set Up and follows the prompts to set up the work profile. The device will automatically set up the work profile.