ZENworks Service Desk 8.2

1.0 Readme Updates

The following table contains information on the documentation content changes that were made in this Readme after the initial release of ZENworks Service Desk 8.2.


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April 20, 2021

April 20, 2021

Added following known issues for ZENworks Service Desk 8.2.1:

2.0 What’s New in ZENworks Service Desk 8.2 and 8.2.1

2.1 ZENworks Service Desk 8.2

This section lists the new features in ZENworks Service Desk 8.2 release:

  1. A newly designed one-click request creation process with modern look and feel in the Technician Portal. The new design enhances the core capability of request creation in various means such as:

    • An option to set Reported By, where a technician can tag the user on behalf of whom the request should be raised.

    • A new functionality for creating Service Requests against Knowledge Base articles.

    • Flexibility to automatically add a customer request information to any other customer attached to a request.

    • Interactive self-help with user-friendly display of related requests and proposed solutions while creating a new request.

    • Ability to take a snapshot of the complete information of any related request and use the same content for the newly created request.

    • Ability to select existing requests to tag with a Problem Request rightly while creating a request.

    • An option to select target device for a request.

  2. Reintroduction of Quick Request on the Technician portal with a simple design and increased usability by providing an option to select either Item or any available quick calls to create a request.

    Technician can also create a generic request without selecting any item information.

  3. Enhanced request listing with modern look and feel, added features and advance Search and Filtering capabilities that includes:

    • Visual flexibility with options to resize and reorder columns.

    • Options to select or clear columns for both default and extended fields.

    • Introduction of column-header level filters on top of any saved filter for more pointed view of listed requests.

    • Visible information (badges) and filtering capability for SLA Breached, Escalated, Need Info, Awaiting My Approval.

    • Ability to view and sort based on last status change date for the list of requests.

    • An advanced bulk operation in the list view for deleting, reopening or closing number of requests.

  4. Newly designed request export with added features such as an option to add dynamic form fields data while export, along with the flexibility of column selection.

  5. Advanced Notes and Attachment functionality with a new design and added capabilities such as:

    • An option to copy the note content from one note to another.

    • An option to attach direct link of the request to a Note.

    • Cascaded view of all the notes of a request with the ability to reply on any existing notes.

    • More control over notifications with an option to select or clear recipients from the list of available recipients.

    • Introduction of two levels of attachment preview i.e. quick preview within the thumbnail and a larger preview on clicking the thumbnail.

  6. An improved one-page request Summary page having modern design and newly added features including:

    • An option to decide to whom the request should be escalated.

    • An ability to change the status of an item directly from the request summary page.

    • Introduction of threaded view of conversation for Notes listing. Notes that are answered will be treated as conversations and will be seen in a nested form with the details of respondents to present the full context of the conversation on a single screen.

  7. Automated database schema creation as well as modification for both on-demand and system upgrade by eliminating any manual interference in copying, pasting, and executing scripts in the target database.

  8. Upgraded common appliance framework with the support of SLES 12 SP5.

  9. Reintroduction of the Notify field while creating a request in the Customer portal. This enables customer to add one or more users to the request notification list.

  10. A newly added feature of Barcode scanning using mobile phone to search for items that are used to create requests.

  11. The availability of storage information on the second disk in the Administrator portal.

  12. Updated technology stack for Java and Tomcat.

2.2 ZENworks Service Desk 8.2.1

ZENworks Service Desk 8.2.1 contains incremental improvements to the technician work-flow introduced in ZENworks Service Desk 8.2 based on customer feedback received as well as additional customer enhancements received from the Ideas portal and other areas.

  • Quick Calls and Dynamic Form Support in non-QC Requests

    Quick calls and dynamic forms will be available within the normal request workflow so that all of the rich request creation capabilities are available regardless of whether a quick call or dynamic form is being used.

  • Create normal request based on Quick Call

    Now you can create request through the standard request workflow using a quick call. This gives the flexibility to specify additional items or other configurations while using the quick call template. Previously quick calls were only available in the quick request workflow.

  • Email capabilities in workflows

    This enhancement allows the workflow administrator to introduce steps that will cause email, either based on templates or custom, to be sent to the customer upon reaching the workflow step. Additionally, once sent the request can automatically be moved on to another step in the workflow.

  • Change request status as part of adding a note

    Now you can simply choose to change the status of the request as a part of adding the note. This simplifies the number of clicks needed and the overall experience associated with updating a request.

  • Attachment Preview in request summary

    This capability will allow technicians to see a thumbnail and preview the attachments to a request, making it significantly easier to access the content. Preview will be displayed for most of the widely used file formats.

  • Store Assignment Configuration

    Now you will be able to configure the assignment properties of a ZENworks bundle in the store through the UI at either the store template or individual store item level. This simplifies the process and provides additional flexibility in how approved store items are made available to users.

  • Improved ZENworks Remote Management Integration

    Now you can choose to initiate remote management from a ticket and select any of the workstations that the end-user is logged into via ZENworks or that is assigned to the ticket.

  • Trust Check for Email, LDAP and ZENworks Servers Server trust will be checked while configuring the Email, LDAP and ZENworks servers. When you are configuring a non-trusted server, you will be prompted with certificate details to trust or cancel. A new system privilege Trust all SSL Connections is introduced to manage this feature.

3.0 Platform Support Matrix

For more information on ZENworks Service Desk 8.2 platform support, see ZENworks Service Desk Platform Support Matrix.

4.0 Deploying or Upgrading or Migrating to the ZENworks Service Desk 8.2

Refer to the following sections to understand which installation process is appropriate for your current environment:

4.1 Migrating to ZENworks Service Desk 8.2.1


  • ZENworks Service Desk 8.2.1 will be available only through the Online channel.

  • You can upgrade to ZENworks Service Desk 8.2.1 only from ZENworks Service Desk 8.2.

For more information, see Migrating to ZENworks Service Desk 8.2.1 in the Service Desk Appliance Deployment and Administration Reference.

5.0 Enabling the old features in the User portal

After migrating to ZENworks Service Desk 8.2, some of the features such as My Tasks, Service Requests, Incidents, Change Requests, and Problem in the User Portal are moved to the Request tab. To enable old features, perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the system.properties file available in the following location:


  2. Modify the following line in the system.properties file (if the line is not available, then ensure that you add the line):


  3. Restart the ZENworks Service Desk service.

NOTE:Some of the new features added in the newly designed Request page might not be available in the old Request page.

6.0 Known Issues

This section displays the list of known issues in the ZENworks Service Desk 8.2:

6.1 Issues observed after changing the date format

When you change the date format, then an exception might occurs while creating a request, or editing a request with custom date field and while saving the alert.

Workaround: Do not change the date format.

6.2 The Request page does not reload after clearing the filter

The Request page does not reload after clearing the filter In the Request page when you use the header level filter for the list and clear the filter.

Workaround: Switch to another tab and come back to the original tab.

6.3 Attachment Preview might take some time to load

While uploading an attachment to the request, it might take some time to show the preview of the files.

Workaround: Reopening the attachment popup will display the preview.

6.4 The login screen might be displayed within a pop-up window from the Request Summary page

When Print and Solution pop-up window is displayed from the Request Summary page, the login screen might be displayed for a fraction of seconds, before displaying the actual content.

Workaround: None.

6.5 The calendar date selection might not work

After clearing the previously filled value, you might not be able to select the date from the calendar pop-up.

Workaround: Reopen the calendar, and then select the date.

6.6 In Android devices, unable to select date and time in the Dynamic Form

In Android devices, when you open the portal in the Chrome browser, you will not be able to select the date field in the Dynamic Forms.

Workaround: Open the portal in the Firefox browser.

6.7 When an incident is linked to a new request, status might not change

When you link an incident request to a new request such as Incident or Problem, the current status field might not change to “On Hold - Process Escalated”.

Workaround: None.

6.8 On some devices, the barcode scanner might not work

On some devices, while scanning the barcode, the camera might not open or the scan might give invalid or no results.

Workaround: None (Manually specify the details)

6.9 In mobile devices, you will not be able to resize the column width

In the request list page, you will not be able to resize the column width in the mobile devices.

Workaround: None

6.10 Unable to scroll horizontally in the Request list page

If the Request page has more number of requests and columns, then you will not be able to scroll the page horizontally.

Workaround: Perform any one of the following:

  • Remove unwanted columns from the list.

  • Scroll until the end of the list, and then use the horizontal scroll.

6.11 Remote Management does not work with ZENworks 2017 Update 4

The Remote Management feature does not work with ZENworks 2017 Update 4.

Workaround: None. Contact Micro Focus Customer Center to obtain a patch that should be applied on the ZENworks 2017 Update 4 Primary Servers.

6.12 Unable to paste images in the TinyMCE editor using Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome

While adding a content in rich text editor box, unable to paste an image that is available in the system.

Workaround: Try with supported version of Mozilla Firefox.

6.13 An application exception might be displayed, if you save the database or license configuration

During installation or upgrade, if you save the database or license configuration, in the login page, java.lang.reflect.InvocationException or java.lang.NullpointerException might be displayed.

Workaround: Restart the Service Desk service. Ensure that the database is up and running and that there are no connection issues between database and ZENworks Service Desk appliance

6.14 If the default store team is edited, the enable queue error message might be displayed

If the default store team is edited, then the enable queue error message might be displayed.

Workaround: In the Team Information tab (Users > Teams > Default Store Team > Team Information > Information), swap the store user with a different username.

6.15 Email attached using drag and drop in GroupWise and sent to ZENworks Service Desk will not be added as a note to the request

In ZENworks Service Desk, if you drag and drop an email as attachment in the GroupWise client, then the attachment content will not be added as a note to the request instead it will be added as an attachment.

Solution: In the GroupWise client, use the Forward as Attachment option instead of drag and drop.

6.16 If ZENworks is configured with the Microsoft SQL Server Database, AMIE and ZENworks AMIE import might fail

AMIE and ZENworks AMIE import fails when ZENworks is configured with the MS SQL Server and the database name has the special character, hyphen '-'

Workaround: None.

6.17 The URL field in the custom form displays an error if protocol is not specified

While editing a request that includes custom form with URL, the URL field displays an error if a protocol is not specified.

Workaround: Add the protocol in the URL.

6.18 In the mobile view, a few pages might not be displayed properly

6.19 The Chat feature is no longer supported

The Chat feature is no longer supported and might not work. This feature is not available in the new customer portal.

7.0 Additional Documentation

This Readme includes information specific to the ZENworks Service Desk 8.2 release. For all other ZENworks Service Desk documentation, see the ZENworks Service Desk 8.2 documentation website.