4.1 Configuring the Server

This is applicable for a fresh installation of Service Desk. After deploying the Service Desk Appliance to a virtual machine, perform the following steps to configure Service Desk Appliance:

  1. Launch the URL on a supported web browser.

    The URL (https://<FQDN>:9443 or https://<ipaddress>:9443) is displayed on the Appliance console.

  2. Choose the required language. If the web browser supports the selected language, then it displays in that language, else it displays in English.

    For information, see Section 2, Supported Languages in System Requirements.

  3. Log in to Service Desk Appliance with the root or sdadmin credentials that were specified in Step 2, in the Section 3.2, Configuring the Appliance Settings.

  4. (Optional) Configure the certificate for Service Desk.

    By default Service Desk is configured with an Internal Certificate. If you want to use your own certificate, then see Section 5.5, Digital Certificates, in Appliance Management.

  5. (Optional) Configure the database for Service Desk.

    By default Service Desk includes an embedded database. If you want to use an external database or to change the password of embedded database, see Service Desk Configuration.

After Service Desk is configured, from the Home page you can use the Service Desk console to access the Service Desk Management capabilities.

By default the user credentials for the administrator is admin and for the supervisor is super.