6.0 Actions

The Actions panel displays the action sets available for the bundle. Depending on the bundle type, the possible action sets are Distribute, Install, Launch, Verify, Uninstall, Terminate, and Preboot. For example, if you select a Windows bundle, six actions sets (Distribute, Install, Launch, Verify, Uninstall, Terminate) are available. If you select a Preboot bundle, Preboot is the only available action set available.

You can choose to modify the action sets. For more information on modifying the action set options, see Section 12.2, Modifying Action Set Options.

The bundle category that you select during bundle creation is listed as an action in the actions page. For example, if you selected Copy Directory category during the bundle creation, Copy Directory action is listed in the Install tab of the actions page.You can also add an action to any of the available action sets. When you do so, that action is also performed whenever the action set is applicable. For example, when you add an action to the Install action set, that action is performed whenever the bundle is installed.

For information on managing the actions, see Section 12.1, Managing Actions.

You can access the action dialog box as follows:

  1. In ZENworks Control Center, click the Bundles tab.

  2. Click the underlined link of a bundle in the Name column of the Bundles list.

  3. Click the Actions tab.

  4. Click one of the action set tabs (Distribute, Install, Launch, Verify, Uninstall, Terminate, or Preboot), click the Add drop-down list, then select an available action.

The following sections contain information about the actions you can configure for the Distribute, Install, Launch, Verify, and Terminate action sets.

For more information about the actions you can configure for the Preboot action set, see the ZENworks 11 Preboot Services and Imaging Reference.