1.6 Packaging Considerations

Because of the way that ZENworks handles bundle packaging, be aware of the following considerations when you create bundles:

1.6.1 Time Required for Packaging:

Large MSI and MSP bundles might take several hours to package before they are available on ZENworks content servers (ZENworks Servers and Content Distribution Points) in your Management Zone.

Large application files are compressed and encrypted, resulting in smaller bundles that reduce bandwidth during transmission and provide greater security during transmission and on the content server. The encrypted bundles cannot be removed from the content server and inappropriately used.

1.6.2 Space Required for Packaging:

Creating bundles that contain content temporarily requires up to twice the amount of disk space as the original files. The bundle creation process uploads copies of the original files from the local machine to a temporary directory on the ZENworks content server. The process then packages those files as encrypted, compressed ZENworks content files. After the ZENworks content files are created, the original uploaded files are automatically deleted.

If you are using ZENworks Control Center to create the bundle, and if you do not log out correctly (for example, if you close your browser before completing the Create New Bundle Wizard, you browse to somewhere else, or your machine crashes), the temporary directory is automatically cleared after the session time-out is reached. The default time out is 30 minutes.

In some circumstances (for example, if the ZENworks Server goes down during processing), the bundle creation process is unable to delete these temporary files. You can manually delete them as necessary.

Depending on the operating system and the utility used to create the bundle, the temporary files are located in the following directories:

Table 1-1 Location of Temporary Files for Windows

Utility Used to Create the Bundle

Location of the Temporary Files

ZENworks Control Center


zman (command line utility)


ZENworks Migration Utility


Table 1-2 Location of Temporary Files for Linux

Utility Used to Create Bundle

Location of Temporary Files

ZENworks Control Center


zman (command line utility)


ZENworks Migration Utility


If the space on the temporary location is insufficient, you can specify a different disk drive to be the location of temporary files.

For more information on changing the location of temporary files on a Windows device, see .

For more information on changing the location of temporary files on a Linux device, see .