1.1 Subscription Download

1.1.1 Platform to Download

A new platform has been added to the ZENworks 11 SP2 which is the Mac platform.

This new option will enable you to select the operating system platform for Mac which was not present in the previous version. Now you can select the Mac check box, for Mac patches to be downloaded, as shown in the following image:

Figure 1-1 Mac Checkbox

1.1.2 RPM Dependency

The RPM package manager (RPM) is a new feature which will only be enabled when you select the operating system platform for Linux. Now you can select the Linux check box, then you can select the Resolve all RPM Dependencies to download all the patches, as shown in the following image;

Figure 1-2 RPM Dependency

The check box should only be selected if you want to resolve all the root level dependency as it is very time consuming and performance intensive. It will download all the RPM that are required to patch the particular vulnerabilities.

This is an improvement compared to the previous version. By default it will only download the RPM files required at the top level unless you select the check box to resolve the RPM dependencies.

1.1.3 Download Location For Patch Content

Another new feature that was added is the Download location for patch content. For Linux systems there is not always enough disk space allocated, now you can select the files to be downloaded to the Bundle content directory.

By default it will automatically use ZPM Directory but if you wish to download it to the Bundle content directory just select the radio button.

Figure 1-3 Download location for patch content

1.1.4 Select Vendors To Use In The System

ZENworks 11 SP2 prompts the user to download only the necessary updates when doing a subscription update. Basically it will only download any new files that are available.

By default the selection is All, but if necessary you can select the particular vendor or bundles that you want to download by selecting the individual check boxes as shown in the following image:

Figure 1-4 Select vendors to use in the system