2.7 Reporting User Details

You can use the User Details report to report additional user information such as the user's telephone number and e-mail address from a ZENworks user source. (ZENworks user sources are LDAP directories such as Microsoft Active Directory or Novell eDirectory). You must identify and connect to the LDAP directory that you want to use as your authoritative user source. If necessary, you can also connect to multiple directories. You can configure the LDAP user sources in ZENworks Control Center > Configuration > User Sources. For more information on how to create LDAP user sources, see Adding User Sources in the ZENworks 11 SP2 User Source and Authentication Reference.

NOTE:When you add a new user source or a new context to an existing user source in ZENworks Control Center, you must restart the ZENworks Reporting Server services.

Using Report Linking

While reporting on ZENworks functional tasks such as bundles and policies that are assigned to users, user groups, or user folders, it might be necessary to gather additional user information such as the user's telephone numbers and e-mail addresses. In such cases, you can obtain the required additional information by using report linking. To do this, you use the ZENworks Reporting Server InfoView to assign a hyperlink to a field to link to the required additional information in another report or on an external Web page. For more information on report linking, see BusinessObjects documentation.

Using the LDAP UID to Link a ZENworks Report to the User Details Report

The User Details report provides the following predefined filters for report data:

NOTE:You can also generate the User Details report separately to report LDAP users, without linking the User Details report with other ZENworks reports. To do this, you should filter the required LDAP users and generate the User Details report. If you generate the report without using any of the filters, the report might not scale when a large LDAP source is queried.

Example of Linking a Bundle Assignment Report with the User Details Report

You can use the LDAP UID field to link users in the Bundles / Policy Assignment custom report with their corresponding details in the User Details report.

  1. Launch the ZENworks Reporting Server InfoView.

  2. Navigate to the Public Folders > Novell ZENworks Reports > Predefined Reports > Bundles and Policies folder.

  3. Copy the Bundles and Policies Assigned to Devices report to the Custom Reports folder.

    For more information on how to copy and paste objects, see the BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.1 SP3 InfoView User’s Guide.

  4. In the Custom Reports folder, open the Bundles and Policies Assigned to Devices report, then click Edit Query.

  5. In the ZENworks pane, navigate to Bundles and Policies > Assignments.

  6. Move the Consumer LDAP ID object to the Results Object pane, click Run Query, then save the report.

  7. Right-click in the cell of the column that you want to link with the User Details report, then click Hyperlink > New to display the Create Hyperlink dialog box.

  8. Click Browse to display the Choose a document dialog box.

  9. Select the User Details report that you want to link with, then click OK.

  10. In the Select Prompts dialog box that is displayed, select the Enter value(s) for LDAP UID check box, then click OK to return to the Create Hyperlink dialog box.

  11. In the Document Prompts group, click the Enter value(s) for LD drop-down list, then select Select Object. The Select variable dialog box is displayed.

  12. In the Available Objects list, select Consumer LDAP ID, then click OK to return to the Create Hyperlink dialog box.

  13. Click Apply, then click OK.