1.6 Asset Management

The following new features and enhancements have been introduced in Asset Management for the ZENworks 11 SP2 release:

1.6.1 Importing a Contract by Using the zman Command

You can now import a contract from a .csv or .txt file into ZENworks by using the asset-management-import-contract, zman amic command. The command accepts the .csv or .txt file path as a parameter only if the files have comma-separated values within them. After the contracts are imported, they can be viewed in ZENworks Control Center. For more information, see Asset Management Commands in the ZENworks 11 SP2 Command Line Utilities Reference.

1.6.2 Creating a ZENworks Asset Management Document by Using Hyperlinks

In the New Document menu, the Hyperlink option has been included to enable you to create a ZENworks Asset Management document.