1.7 Asset Inventory

The following new features and enhancements have been introduced in Asset Inventory for the ZENworks 11 SP2 release:

1.7.1 Inventory Collection Editor

You can use the collection editor to view and manage the inventory data. You can edit the serial number and the asset tag of the workstations and hardware devices. You can also add new hardware.

Any ZENworks administrator can access the collection editor by using ZENworks Control Center login credentials. This feature is available only for Windows managed devices. For more information, see Inventory in the Novell ZENworks 11 SP2 Adaptive Agent Guide.

1.7.2 Local Product Create/Delete Rights

A new Create/Delete Local Products right has been introduced in the Management Zone. Administrators having this right are allowed to create, delete, edit, and merge the local products. For more information, see Creating Local Software Products in the ZENworks 11 SP2 Asset Inventory Reference.

1.7.3 View Detailed Inventory Rights

A new setting has been introduced in the Management Zone to view and edit the inventory details. For more information see the following sections in the ZENworks 11 SP2 Asset Inventory Reference.

1.7.4 Creating Dynamic Device Groups by Using Administrator-Defined Fields

ZENworks 11 SP2 allows you to use administrator-defined fields in the Asset Inventory page for creating dynamic device groups and to search for devices in the Device and Inventory pages.