G.0 Documentation Updates

This section summarizes the significant changes made to the Software Distribution Reference since the initial release of ZENworks 11 SP3.

December 2014: System Update (11.3.2) for ZENworks 11SP3



Section 6.26.2, Advanced.

Added information about the new Environment Variables option - Resolve the environment variables specified in registry edit value in the user context - available in the Registry Edit action. This options lets you resolve the environment variables in the user context.

July 2014: System Update (11.3.1) for ZENworks 11SP3



Section 6.21, Action - Launch Executable

Added a note for the Environment Variables about using a new predefined variable (ZENPREDEF_REDIRCTSTANDARDOUTPUT) to redirect the standard output of a variable to a location you specify.

Section 9.1, Assigning Existing Bundles to Devices

Added a note to clarify how the Launch Schedule interacts with the If Install Immediately after Distribution and Launch Immediately after Installation options.

Section 9.5, Copying the Relationships of a Device to Other Devices, Folders, and Groups

Added this section to explain how to copy the Bundles, Policies and Group relationships of a device to other devices, folders, and groups.

Section 10.1.1, Filter Conditions

For the Registry Key Value filter condition, included information about a new IP Address value that can be used.