6.2 Confirm Devices

The Confirm Devices page allows you to select and confirm the devices for which you need to schedule a deployment. Confirming the device is the first step in scheduling a deployment for a selected patch.

Figure 6-1 Confirm Devices Page

The page indicates the total number of devices to which the selected patch will be deployed. In the following example, two devices will receive the patch:

Figure 6-2 Total Number of Devices

You can choose the total number of items to be displayed on the page by using the show items drop-down list:

Figure 6-3 Show Items

  1. Select the devices for deployment, then click the Next button to open the License Agreement page.

  2. Select one of the following options to determine the devices to which the patches are to be deployed.

6.2.1 Confirm Devices: All Non-patched Devices

Selecting this option deploys the patch to all the devices that are not patched. This option is enabled by default.

6.2.2 Confirm Devices: Select Applicable Devices

When you select Select applicable devices, the Confirm Devices page appears as shown in the following figure:

Figure 6-4 Confirm Devices Page for the Select Applicable Devices Type

Selecting this option deploys the patch to the devices you select from the devices list. You can deploy a patch to a device regardless of its existing patch status, which can be patched or not patched.

NOTE:If you deploy a patch from the Patch Management page, the list of devices that appears is based on the patch Status filter you choose.

Table 6-1 Confirm Devices Page Column Headings

Column Heading


Device Name

The name of the device.

The name of the device registered with Novell ZENworks 11 SP4 Patch Management to which the patch is to be deployed.

Last Contact

The status of the device when they were last contacted.


The operating system of the device.


The name of the DNS server.

IP Address

The IP address of the device.

6.2.3 Confirm Devices: Select Devices, Folders, and Groups

When you select Select devices, folders and groups, the Confirm Devices page appears as shown in the following figure:

Figure 6-5 Confirm Devices Page for the Select Devices, Folders and Groups Type

To select a device, folder, or group for deployment:

  1. Click the Add menu item on the Confirm Devices page. The following window appears:

    Add Window for Confirm Devices Page
  2. Click the arrow next to the Devices option on the left side of the window to display the available devices, folders, and groups.

  3. Click the desired device to add it to the Selected panel on the right side of the window.


    To remove a device from the panel, click the Delete button in the Remove column for that device.

  4. Click OK to confirm device selection.

    The window closes and the Confirm Devices page displays the selection.

    You can remove a device from the list by selecting it and clicking the Remove menu item.