Starting Remote Management Operations Without Using ConsoleOne

The desktop4.exe application that ships with ZENworks 6.5 Desktop Management allows you to start the following Remote Management operations without using ConsoleOne: Remote Control, Remote View, Remote Execute, File Transfer, Remote Wake Up, and Remote Diagnostics.

You can install desktop4.exe using either of the following methods:

Before you can run desktop4.exe, you must perform the following tasks.

  1. For Password-Based Remote Management, enter the following details in the consoleone_installation_directory\bin\remagent.ini file:

    Agent IP address: IP address of the managed workstation.

    Agent Password: Remote Management Agent password.

    Authentication Mode: PASSWORD.

    Protocol: Enter TCPIP.

    A sample remagent.ini file is as follows:

    # Novell Inc.
  2. If you want to perform the Remote Management operation using Directory mode of authentication, you must log into the eDirectory tree to which the Managed workstation is imported. For Directory-Based Remote Management, ensure that the AUTHENTICATION_MODE in consoleone_installation_directory\bin\remagent.ini file is DS.

  3. You can run desktop4.exe from the MS-DOS prompt or by using a .bat file. You must specify valid values for the following parameters

For example, you can perform Remote control using either of the following methods:

  1. Create a .bat file in the same directory as desktop4.exe with the following contents:

    Desktop4 -w"CN=WINXP-R1B164_99_151_48.OU=WsProm.O=novell" -n"INDYPROM-TREE" -c"RemoteControl"

    where Desktop4 is the name of the application; "CN=WINXP-R1B164_99_151_48.OU=WsProm.O=novell" is the DN of the managed workstation; "INDYPROM-TREE" is the tree name; and "RemoteControl" is the Remote Management operation to be performed on the managed workstation.

  2. Run the .bat file.

Depending upon the operation that you have specified, the Remote Management session starts.

Desktop4.exe is a back-end utility that can be leveraged by developing user-friendly interface to launch desktop4.exe.

Using desktop4.exe, you can also view Inventory information of the inventoried workstations. For more information, see Viewing Inventory Information Without Using ConsoleOne.

Launching User-Based Remote Management using Desktop4.exe

You can launch Remote Management from desktop4.exe in both Password based or Directory Based authentication mode.

To launch Remote Management from desktop4.exe:

  1. Run the desktop.exe and specify -w.

  2. Populate the IP address of the managed workstation in which the user has logged in the consoleone_installation_directory\bin\remagent.ini file.