VI Workstation and Server Imaging

Novell® ZENworks® 7 Desktop Management supports imaging Windows workstations using a Linux, NetWare®, or Windows imaging server. The addition of a Linux imaging server is new in ZENworks 7.

Beginning with ZENworks 7 Desktop Management, imaging support is also provided on a limited basis for the following:

  • Linux and Windows servers: Imaging Linux and Windows servers is possible with the following exceptions:

    • Software RAID configurations are not supported, but hardware RAID is supported.

    • Volume managers, such as LVM and EVMS, are not supported.

    • A Windows server image intended for deployment to multiple servers must be prepared using the Microsoft sysprep tool so that Windows can properly manage SIDs.

      However, an image of a Windows server that is intended as disaster recovery for a specific server does not require sysprep.

    When imaging servers, you must image them manually one at a time.

  • Linux workstations: Novell eDirectory™ objects are not created for Linux workstations in Desktop Management. Therefore, you can only manage and image Linux workstations in ConsoleOne® as unimported objects. For workstation object-based automatic imaging of Linux workstations, use ZENworks Linux Management.

Imaging of NetWare servers is not supported. Although you can make and deploy NetWare server images using Desktop Management in certain simple server configurations, Novell does not support these practices. For more information, see TID 10092081 in the Novell Support Knowledgebase.

The following sections provide information on the Desktop Management Imaging procedures and features: