73.8 Configuring the Dictionary Update Policy

The Dictionary Update policy configures the Inventory server to receive the software dictionary updates from other Inventory servers. You must manually download the dictionary updates to at least one Inventory server in your network. This Inventory server can then act as the source of dictionary updates to other Inventory servers.

  1. In ConsoleOne, right-click the Server Package, click Properties, click Policies, then select the appropriate suboption. If you want to this policy to be applied on all servers, select the General suboption.

  2. Select the check box under the Enabled column for the Dictionary Update policy.

  3. Click Properties to display the Dictionary Update Policy page.

  4. Configure the following settings:

    1. (Recommended) Select the Use the Roll-Up Server as the Update Source check box if you want the Dictionary Update Service to use the Inventory server configured in the Roll-Up policy as the source for dictionary updates.

      If you select this check box, continue with Step 9. If you do not select this option, the Dictionary Update Service uses the following settings configured in this policy (Dictionary Update Policy); continue with Step 4.b.

      NOTE:Do not select this option for a Standalone Server and a Root Server. You must manually configure the settings of the policy.

    2. In the Source Service Object field, browse to select the DN of the Inventory server, which provides the dictionary updates.

    3. Select the IP address or the DNS name of the Inventory server, which provides the dictionary updates.

    4. If the source Inventory server is across the firewall, specify the IP address or the DNS name and the port number of the XML proxy server.

    5. Click Apply.

  5. Click the Dictionary Update Policy tab, then click the Dictionary Update Schedule suboption.

  6. Configure the Dictionary Update Schedule page to establish the schedule for running the Dictionary Consumer.

    We recommend that you configure the Weekly schedule.

  7. Click Apply.

  8. (Conditional) If you have not yet associated the Server Package, you are prompted to associate it with an Inventory server or a container. The policy you configured and enabled earlier will not be in effect until you associate this policy package with an Inventory server or a container.

    To associate the policy package:

    1. Click the Associations tab, then click Add.

    2. Browse for and select the Inventory server or the container that you want to associate the Dictionary Update policy to.

    3. Click OK, then click OK.

  9. Click Apply, then click Close.

NOTE:If you want to modify the Dictionary Update policy settings, you need not stop the Inventory services.