VI Upgrade

This section includes information about new enhancements in Novell® ZENworks® 7 Desktop Management and information about how to upgrade from ZENworks for Desktops 3.2 SP3, ZENworks for Desktops 4.x, or ZENworks 6.5x Desktop Management to ZENworks 7 Desktop Management.

As you upgrade, you should consider the information included in Caution.

The information in this section also applies to ZENworks 7 Desktop Management with Support Pack 1 and ZENworks 7 Desktop Management with Support Pack 1 Interim Release 1 (SP1 IR1). For more information, see Section 33.0, Upgrade Considerations for ZENworks 7 Desktop Management with SP1.


During the life cycle of your ZENworks 7 Desktop Management installation, you might choose to download and apply maintenance patches, interim releases, or support packs. As a general rule, these ZENworks product maintenance installation programs overwrite every file previously installed, including configuration files (for example, .conf or .ini files). This might have consequences if you manually modified a file during a debugging process and you want to preserve its settings.

In a few cases, if the installation detects that a configuration file has already been upgraded (for example, a reinstall) and is the same version, the file is not overwritten and its settings are preserved. In the installation program for ZENworks Desktop Management Services on Linux, the RPM handles files marked as .config files and then either keeps user modifications or saves them as filename.rpmsave.

Some files, such as some of those used for ZENworks Imaging or for the ZENworks Inventory Database, are always overwritten. In cases where these files should be preserved manually, the documentation provides the necessary precautionary steps you need to follow in order to avoid overwriting the files or to preserve a backup copy.