Novell ZENworks 7 Suite with Support Pack 1

Download and Installation

licensing zenworks 7 products

Each of the following Novell® ZENworks® 7 Suite with Support Pack 1 (SP1) products can be used for a 90-day evaluation period (except for the Asset Inventory Component of ZENworks 7.5 Asset Management, which can be used for a 60-day evaluation period) before you need to either discontinue using it or license it:

If you license the software, you will be given a license code to continue using it. No reinstallation of the software is required.

downloading the zenworks 7 suite with support pack 1 software

  1. On the Novell ZENworks 7 Downloads page, click the Download button next to a file you want.
  2. Follow the onscreen prompts to download the file to a directory on your machine.
  3. Repeat from Step 1 until you have downloaded all the files you need.

The columns in the table below list the ISO images you should download in order to run or evaluate a given licenseable product within the ZENworks product line. The rows in the table, when matched to column heads, show the software components that are included in a licenseable product. Shaded cells indicate that the component or ISO is not available for that scenario.

Software Component(s) ZENworks 7 Suite with SP1 Desktop Management with SP1 Server Management with SP1 Handheld Management with SP1 Linux Management with IR1 Patch Management

Desktop Management 1

(English, Portuguese, Spanish, French and German)

zen7_with_sp1_desktopmgmt1.iso zen7_with_sp1_desktopmgmt1.iso        

Desktop Management 2

(English, Japanese, Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional)

zen7_with_sp1_desktopmgmt2.iso zen7_with_sp1_desktopmgmt2.iso        
Desktop Management Services on Linux zen7_with_sp1_desktopmgmtlinux.iso zen7_with_sp1_desktopmgmtlinux.iso        
Server Management zen7_with_sp1_servermgmt.iso   zen7_with_sp1_servermgmt.iso      
Handheld Management zen7_with_sp1_handheldmgmt.iso     zen7_with_sp1_handheldmgmt.iso    
Asset Inventory zen75_assetinv.iso zen75_assetinv.iso zen75_assetinv.iso      
Linux Management zen7_with_ir1_linuxmgmt.iso       zen7_with_ir1_linuxmgmt.iso  
Data Management/Instant Messenger zen7_with_sp1_datamgmt_messenger.iso          
Personality Migration zen7_with_sp1_personalitymigration.iso zen7_with_sp1_personalitymigration.iso        
Software Packaging zen7_with_sp1_softwarepackaging.iso zen7_with_sp1_softwarepackaging.iso zen7_with_sp1_softwarepackaging.iso      
Patch Management zen7_with_sp1_patchmgmt.iso zen7_with_sp1_patchmgmt.iso zen7_with_sp1_patchmgmt.iso     zen7_with_sp1_patchmgmt.iso
Companion 1 zen7_with_sp1_companion1.iso zen7_with_sp1_companion1.iso zen7_with_sp1_companion1.iso zen7_with_sp1_companion1.iso    
Companion 2 zen7_with_sp1_companion2.iso zen7_with_sp1_companion2.iso zen7_with_sp1_companion2.iso zen7_with_sp1_companion2.iso    
Companion 3 zen7_with_sp1_companion3.iso zen7_with_sp1_companion3.iso zen7_with_sp1_companion3.iso      
Companion 4 zen7_with_sp1_companion4.iso zen7_with_sp1_companion4.iso        

IMPORTANT: Novell eDirectory™ 8.8.1 is included on the ZENworks 7 with SP1 Companion 1 CD as part of the ZENworks 7 Suite with Support Pack 1 media kit. No license file is required for eDirectory when included in this product bundle (product entitlement is included as part of the ZENworks 7 Suite with SP1 license). eDirectory licenses are not upgradeable.

IMPORTANT: ZENworks 7 Patch Management requires an evaluation license in order to run. To obtain an evaluation license for ZENworks Patch Management, go to the Novell Downloads Web site (, search for "patch management," and follow the ZENworks Patch Management Evaluation link to a page where you can download zen7_with_sp1_patchmgmt.iso. You are also directed to open a link to a page where a system-generated, 90-day, 100-device license code/serial number is available. Copy this code/serial number for later use during the installation process of the ZENworks Patch Management product.

installing the zenworks 7 suite with support pack 1

For complete installation instructions for each of the suite's capabilities, see the respective installation manuals on the Web:

known issues

For a list of known issues for each of the suite's capabilities, see the respective readme files on the Web:

legal notices

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