6.0 Remotely Viewing or Controlling the IP-Enabled Windows CE Devices

The administrator or remote users can now perform Remote View or Remote Control operations with the IP-enabled Windows CE devices by configuring the WinCE Remote Management policy, and initiating a remote session with the devices.

Remote View: Lets you connect with a handheld device so you can view the device instead of controlling it. Remotely viewing a handheld device helps you troubleshoot problems that the user encountered. For example, you can observe how the user at a handheld device performs certain tasks to ensure that the user performs a task correctly.

Remote Control: Lets you control a handheld device from the ConsoleOne® to provide user assistance. With Remote Control connections, the administrator or remote users can go beyond viewing the handheld device to taking control of it

NOTE:You cannot remotely control or view HP T5540, Zebra PS2100T, and Dolphin 7850 devices.

To perform Remote View or Remote Control operations, perform the following tasks: