1.1 ZENworks 7 Suite Products

ZENworks 7 includes the following management products:

1.1.1 Desktop Management

ZENworks 7 Desktop Management enables you to manage Windows* desktops and laptops, including the ability to:

  • Automate distribution of desktop, thin-client, and Web applications, as well as provide self-healing of applications.

  • Remotely manage workstations, including file transfers and real-time diagnostics.

  • Inventory workstation hardware and software for both troubleshooting and auditing purposes.

  • Deploy standard operating environments through the use of workstation imaging.

  • Maintain standard operating environments through user and workstation policies that control workstation environments and behavior.

Desktop Management is provided on the ZENworks 7 Desktop Management CD 1 (English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish) and on the ZENworks 7 Desktop Management CD 2 (English, Chinese Traditional, and Chinese Simplified). For more detailed information about Desktop Management, see What Is ZENworks Desktop Management? in the Novell ZENworks 7 Desktop Management Installation Guide.

1.1.2 Server Management

ZENworks 7 Server Management enables you to manage NetWare®, Windows, Linux, and Solaris* servers, including the ability to:

  • Deploy application and data files across all server platforms regardless of server location to ensure a secure and consistent environment.

  • Enforce and update server configuration, including both mass configurations and remote configurations.

  • Inventory server hardware and software for auditing and capacity planning across multiple server platforms.

  • Automate routine server management processes to ensure consistency and timely completion.

  • Use policies to control server environments and behavior.

  • Discover servers, monitor real-time and historical data, receive and process SNMP traps for critical server parameters, and generate reports.

Server Management is provided on the ZENworks 7 Server Management CD. For more detailed information about Server Management, see What Is ZENworks Server Management? in the Novell ZENworks 7 Server Management Installation Guide.

1.1.3 Handheld Management

ZENworks 7 Handheld Management enables you to manage Palm*, Windows CE, Pocket PC, and BlackBerry* handheld devices, including the ability to:

  • Distribute applications and content to devices.

  • Secure information by using password enforcement, integration, self-destruct, and lockout capabilities.

  • Optimize low-bandwidth connectivity through the use of compression, checkpoint restart, delta technology, and configurable bandwidth technology.

  • Inventory device hardware and software and use detailed queries to generate reports.

  • Automate device setup and standardize settings and programming.

  • Retrieve files from devices to protect data and integrate it with corporate data.

  • Remotely view or control IP-enabled Windows CE devices.

  • Synchronize the system password on the handheld device with the user’s network password.

  • Assign multiple access points to a handheld device and define the order of the access points to which the device must connect.

  • Install software at a predefined time even when the device is not connected to the network.

  • Uninstall software from Windows CE devices by using the handheld policy.

  • Delete files from Palm or Windows CE devices by using the handheld policy.

Handheld Management is provided on the ZENworks 7 Handheld Management CD. This product was modified for Release 2. For more detailed information about Handheld Management, see What Is Novell Handheld Management? in the Novell ZENworks 7 Handheld Management Installation Guide.

1.1.4 Linux Management

ZENworks 7 Linux Management lets you centrally control Linux software configurations for both servers and workstations, including the ability to:

  • Manage users and organize groups of machines for installations and updates.

  • Integrate with leading software update systems such as SUSE® YAST and Red Hat* Network.

  • Roll back software packages to pre-update versions if unintended problems are caused by the update.

  • Automatically resolve software package requirements before updating to ensure that all dependencies are met.

Linux Management is provided on the ZENworks 7 Linux Management program CD. For more detailed information about Linux Management, see Overview section in the Novell ZENworks 7 Linux Management Installation Guide.

1.1.5 Asset Inventory

Asset Inventory, a component of ZENworks 7.5 Asset Management, lets you customize and manage the inventory of hardware and software in your enterprise:

  • Set up collection schedules to determine when inventory data is collected from workstations and customize many aspects of the inventory process itself.

  • Control how inventory data is organized and grouped by Collection Domains and Collection Servers.

  • Assign different roles to inventory users, giving you control over who can work with inventory data and what kinds of changes they can make.

  • Analyze the inventory data through queries and reports and edit the data when necessary.

Asset Inventory is provided on the ZENworks 7 Asset Management CD. You can choose whether to install only the Asset Inventory component, to install a 90-day evaluation version of the complete ZENworks Asset Management product, or to install a full version of ZENworks Asset Management product (this requires the purchase of a separate Asset Management license). For more detailed information, see the ZENworks 7.5 Asset Management Installation Guide..

1.1.6 Data Management

ZENworks 7 Data Management, powered by Novell iFolder®, enables you to manage the storage of users’ files, including the ability to:

  • Provide users with access to their files from anywhere—online or offline—across multiple workstations and the Internet.

  • Provide users with a simple, convenient, and secure way to back up and synchronize their files.

Data Management is included on the ZENworks 7 Data Management and Instant Messenger CD. For more detailed information about how you can use Novell iFolder for data management, see the Novell iFolder 2.1 Installation and Administration Guide. This guide includes all relevant updates for Novell iFolder 2.1x.

1.1.7 Instant Messenger

Instant Messenger, powered by GroupWise® Messenger, is a messaging solution that delivers security, manageability, and business-class functionality. Using Instant Messenger, your organization can enjoy:

  • Secure communications among employees to protect sensitive information.

  • Policy-based management through Novell eDirectory™ to simplify administration.

  • Business-class functionality designed especially for the enterprise environment.

This corporate instant messaging solution, which is based on Novell eDirectory and is LDAP-enabled, is included on the ZENworks 7 Data Management and Instant Messenger CD. For more detailed information about how you can use Instant Messenger in your environment, see Novell Messenger 2.0 Installation Guide

1.1.8 Software Packaging

ZENworks 7 Software Packaging, powered by Accresso AdminStudio 9.0 ZENworks Edition, enables you to manage Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) packages, including the ability to:

  • Convert legacy-based installs to MSI packages, including migration of ZENworks AOT and AXT packages to MSI packages.

  • Customize MSI packages for your organization's varying needs.

  • Automate creation of directory objects used for management and distribution of the MSI package.

Software Packaging is provided on the ZENworks 7 Software Packaging CD. To license AdminStudio ZENworks Edition, install the product, then launch any of the components included in the ZENworks Edition (Repackager, Tuner, and Distribution Wizard). On the first launch, a dialog box prompting for a license code is displayed. You can use the link listed in the dialog box to register with Macrovision.

The registration requires that you furnish basic contact information. When you provide this information, Macrovision immediately e-mails a license code that you can use to activate AdminStudio ZENworks Edition. The registration covers all AdminStudio ZENworks Edition components and needs to be completed only once. After registration, all components function normally.

For more detailed information about ZENworks 7 Software Packaging, see the Acresso AdminStudio 9.0 ZENworks Edition Installation Guide.

1.1.9 Personality Migration

ZENworks 7 Personality Migration, powered by Unicenter* Desktop DNA* from Computer Associates, enables you to efficiently migrate and restore a full desktop environment, including the ability to:

  • Control migration of system settings, desktop settings, and application settings.

  • Control migration of folders and files.

  • Use typical migrations or create custom migrations.

  • Automate migrations.

  • Back up and restore desktop environments.

Personality Migration is provided on the ZENworks 7 Personality Migration CD. For more detailed information about Personality Migration, see the Novell ZENworks 7 Personality Migration Installation Guide.

1.1.10 Patch Management

ZENworks 7 Patch Management, powered by PatchLink Update*, enables you to manage the software update and patch process across NetWare and Windows operating systems, including the ability to:

  • Apply all required updates and patches to new installations to match corporate standards.

  • Patch all major vendors' software, including Novell, Microsoft*, IBM*, Adobe*, Corel*, Symantec*, McAfee*, WinZip, Citrix*, and many others.

  • Review detailed patch information to determine what patches are right for your organization.

  • Target specific machines to ensure that the correct machines get the correct patches.

  • Schedule the update times.

  • Generate reports on patch compliance.

Patch Management is provided on the ZENworks 7 Patch Management CD. For more detailed information about Patch Management, see the ZENworks Patch Management User Guide.