5.8 Managing Keys

Key management permits you to back up, import, and update an encryption key. We recommend the following key management practices:

Encryption Key controls are accessed through the Tools menu of the ZENworks Endpoint Security Management Console.

Figure 5-16 Access Encryption Keys through the tools menu

The following sections contain additional information:

5.8.1 Exporting Encryption Keys

For back up purposes, and to send the key to another Management Console, the current encryption key set can be exported to a designated file location.

  1. In the Management Console, click Tools, then click Export Encryption Keys.

  2. Specify the path and filename for the exported file.

  3. Specify a password in the provided field. The key cannot be imported without this password.

  4. Click OK.

All key files in the database are included in the exported file.

5.8.2 Importing Encryption Keys

You can import keys from a backup or another Management Console. Importing keys from another Management Console allows endpoints managed by this console to read files protected by Data Encryption policies created in the other Management Console. When importing keys, duplicates are ignored. Imported keys become part of your “key set” and do not replace the current common key. All keys are passed down when a new policy is published.

  1. In the Management Console, click Tools, then click Import Encryption Keys.

  2. Browse to or specify the file to be imported.

  3. Specify the password for the encryption key.

  4. Click OK.

5.8.3 Generating a New Key

  1. In the Management Console, click Tools, then click Generate New Key.

All previous keys are stored in the policy.