6.4 Importing and Exporting Policies

The following sections contain more information:

6.4.1 Importing Policies

A policy can be imported from any file location on the available network.

  1. In the Management Console, click File > Import Policy.

    If you are currently editing or drafting a policy, the editor closes the policy (prompting you to save it) before opening the Import window.

  2. Browse to specify the file location and specify the filename in the provided field.

After the policy is imported, it can be further edited or immediately published.

6.4.2 Exporting a Policy

Policies can be exported from the Management Console and distributed via e-mail or through a network share. This can be used to distribute enterprise-level policies in environments where multiple Management Services and Policy Editors are deployed.

To export a security policy:

  1. In the Mangement Console, click File > Export.

  2. Enter a destination and give the policy a name with an extension of .sen (for example, C:\Desktop\salespolicy.sen) If in doubt, click the browse button to browse to a location.

  3. Click Export.

Two files are exported. The first file is the policy (*.sen file). The second file is the setup.sen file, which is required to decrypt the policy at import.

Exported policies must be imported into a Management Console before they can be published to managed users.

6.4.3 Exporting Policies to Unmanaged Users

If unmanaged Endpoint Security Clients have been deployed within the enterprise, a Stand-Alone Management Console must be installed to create policies.

To distribute unmanaged polices:

  1. Locate and copy the Management Console setup.sen file to a separate folder.

    The setup.sen file is generated at installation of the Management Console and is placed in the \Program Files\Novell\ESM Management Console\ directory.

  2. Create a policy in the Management Console. For more information, see Section 6.2, Creating Security Policies.

  3. Use the Export command to export the policy to the same folder containing the setup.sen file.

    All policies distributed must be named policy.sen in order for the Endpoint Security Client to accept them.

  4. Distribute the policy.sen and setup.sen files. These files must be copied to the \Program Files\Novell ZENworks\Endpoint Security Client\ directory for all unmanaged clients.

The setup.sen file needs to be copied to the unmanaged Endpoint Security Clients only once with the first policy. Afterwards, only new policies must be distributed.