9.1 Using the ZENworks File Decryption Utility

The ZENworks File Decryption Utility is used to extract protected data from the Password Encrypted Files folder on encrypted removable storage devices. You must provide this utility to users; it is not part of the Security client. The utility cannot be placed on the encrypted removable storage device.

The utility (stdecrypte.exe) is located on the ZENworks Endpoint Security Management media in the language\tools\stdecrypt_novell directory.

The following sections contain more information:

9.1.1 Using the File Decryption Utility

To use the File Decryption Utility:

  1. Plug the storage device into the appropriate port on your computer.

  2. Open the File Decryption Utility (stdecrypt.exe).

  3. Click the Advanced button.

  4. In the Source panel, select Password Protected Only.

  5. In the Source panel, click Browse, navigate to the storage device’s Password Encrypted Files directory, select the desired file, the click Save.


    To decrypt the entire Password Encrypted Files directory rather than a single file, select Directories, then browse to and select the directory.

  6. In the Destination panel, click Browse to select the folder on the local machine where the decrypted files will be stored.

  7. Click Decrypt.

  8. Enter the password to decrypt the file.

    If you selected the entire directory, it is possible that all files do not have the same password. You are prompted each time the utility attempts to open a file that has a different password.

The transaction can be monitored by clicking the Show Progress button.

9.1.2 Using the Administrator Configured Decryption Utility

The File Decryption Utility can also be configured in administrator mode with the current key set, and can extract all data from an encrypted storage device. This configuration is not recommended, as it can potentially compromise all current keys used by the ZENworks Storage Encryption Solution. However, in cases where the data is otherwise unrecoverable, this configuration may be necessary.

To configure the tool:

  1. Create a shortcut for the File Decryption Utility within its current directory.

  2. Right-click the shortcut, then click Properties.

  3. At the end of the target name, and after the quotes, enter -k (example: "C:\Admin Tools\stdecrypt.exe" -k).

  4. Click Apply, then click OK.

  5. Open the tool using the shortcut, then click Advanced.

  6. Click the Load Keys button to open the Import Key window.

  7. Browse for the keys file and specify the password for the keys.

All files encrypted with these keys can now be extracted.