14.3 Exporting a Policy

If your ZENworks Endpoint Security Management system does not include the Management Service and the Policy Distribution Service, you must export a policy from your stand-alone Management Console and then manually deliver it to endpoint devices.

To export a policy:

  1. Locate and copy the Management Console setup.sen file to a separate folder.

    The setup.sen file is generated at installation of the Management Console and is placed in the \Program Files\Novell\ESM Management Console\ directory.

  2. In the Management Console, open the policy.

  3. Click File > Export Policy.

  4. Specify the name and location for the file, then click Export.

    For the location, specify the same folder containing the setup.sen file (see Step 1). For the name, specify policy.sen.. All policies distributed must be named policy.sen in order for the Security Client to accept them.

  5. Distribute the policy.sen and setup.sen files to endpoint devices.

    These files must be copied to the \Program Files\Novell\ZENworks Security Client directory

    The setup.sen file needs to be copied to endpoint devices only once with the first policy. Afterwards, only new (or updated) policies need to be distributed.

NOTE:There are multiple methods you can use to distribute the policy to a Security Client located on the same machine as the standalone Management Console.

If the Security Client was installed on the machine after the standalone Management Console, the file must be exported and transferred manually as described above.

If the Security Client was installed on the machine before the standalone Management Console, you can follow the steps above to export the policy, or you can publish the policy. To publish the policy, click File > Publish.