5.0 Managing Directory Service Objects that Have Moved

When you add or delete a user or computer from your directory service, that change is reflected in your Management database after the next scheduled directory service synchronization (see Section 3.0, Configuring Data Synchronization Schedules).

However, when you move a user or computer from one container to another in the directory service, that change is not reflected in your Management database. This means that the object remains in the same location in your Management Console tree even though its location has changed in the directory service.

Overall, this does not affect policy management or authentication for the moved user or computer. You can republish policies to the object and the object can still authenticate. The only difference is the display location in the Management Console and the directory service.

To resolve this issue so that moved objects display in the correct location in your Management Console tree:

  1. Delete your directory service configuration. For instructions, see Section 1.3, Removing a Directory Service Configuration.

  2. Add the directory service configuration again. For instructions, see Section 1.1, Creating a Directory Service Configuration.

The directory service configuration is completely removed from the Management database, added again, and synchronized with all objects in the correct contexts.