3.3 Saving a Wi-Fi Environment

At any single location, your Wi-Fi adapter might detect many available wireless access points. The Wi-Fi adapter might lock on to a single access point at first, but if too many access points are within proximity of the adapter, the adapter might drop the associated access point and switch to another access point with a stronger signal. When this occurs, current network activity is halted, often forcing the resending of certain packets and reconnecting of the VPN to the corporate network.

You can resolve this situation by locking on to a specific access point for a location. If an access point is saved as a network environment parameter at a location, the adapter locks on to that access point and does not lose connectivity until you physically move away from the access point. When you return to the access point, the adapter automatically associates with the access point, the location changes, and all other access points are no longer visible through wireless connection management software.

If you cannot perform the following steps, your ZENworks Endpoint Security Management administrator has prevented you from saving network environments.

To save a Wi-Fi environment:

  1. Open the connection management software and select the desired access point.

  2. Specify any necessary security information (WEP or other security key), then click Connect.

  3. Complete the steps outlined in Section 3.2, Saving a Network Environment to save this environment.