29.1 Preparing a Preboot Services Server

When you install Novell ZENworks Linux Management on a server, the server is nearly ready to act as a Preboot Services server. To avoid confusion, the Proxy DHCP daemon (novell-proxydhcp) is installed, but not enabled. For PXE devices to be able to communicate with Preboot Services, this daemon must be started manually on at least one server on each network segment. Exactly how many servers and which specific servers should run this daemon is dictated by your network topology. As a rule of thumb, for every DHCP server deployed in your network, you should have a corresponding Proxy DHCP server.

For information on setting up management of your devices, see Section 29.3, Deploying and Managing Preboot Services and Section 29.4, Configuring Preboot Services Defaults.

In addition to the specific hardware requirements for a ZENworks Linux Management server, the server used to store image files must meet the following requirements: