E.2 Automatic Mode (img auto)

Use automatic mode to image the device automatically, based on any applicable Preboot Services default settings. The ZENworks Imaging Engine runs in this mode if you let the imaging boot process proceed without interruption, or if you type the command below at the Linux prompt.

To use the automatic mode, do any of the following at the bash prompt:

In this mode, the ZENworks Imaging Engine queries the imaging server specified in the PROXYADDR environment variable for any work to do. The imaging server checks the relevant Preboot Services default settings to determine what imaging tasks should be performed (if any), such as taking or putting down an image. It then instructs the ZENworks Imaging Engine to perform those tasks. If any tasks involve storing or retrieving images on other imaging servers, the imaging server refers the ZENworks Imaging Engine to those servers to complete those tasks. After the ZENworks Imaging Engine has completed its work, it communicates the results to the original imaging server, and the results are logged on that server.

For information on configuring the settings that control what happens in this mode, see Section 29.4, Configuring Preboot Services Defaults.