29.5 Overriding Preboot Services Defaults

You can determine which Preboot Services Menu displays a configuration to use and whether the menu should be displayed on a device when it boots. By default, the ZENworks Management Zone configuration applies to all folders and devices. You can override this at the folder or device level.

For more information on the Preboot Services Menu options, see Section 28.3.2, Preboot Services Menu.

The Preboot Services Menu can be customized by editing the pxemenu.txt file. For more information, see Section 29.3.4, Editing the Preboot Services Menu.

To override the default configuration at the folder or device level:

  1. In the ZENworks Control Center, click the Devices tab to display the Devices page:

    ZENworks Control Center’s Bundles tab page
  2. Select one of the following on this page:

    • The Details option next to the Servers or Workstations folder

    • The Servers folder, then a server contained in the folder

    • The Workstations folder, then a workstation contained in the folder

  3. On the page that is displayed, click the Settings tab to display the Settings page options:

    Settings tab for the Servers folder
  4. Click Preboot Services to display the Preboot Services configuration page:

    Preboot Services Settings page for the Servers folder

    If you have not previously configured for this folder or device, the following is displayed:

    Current: (System) (Override settings)

    and the Preboot Menu Options section is disabled for editing. The above text varies depending on whether you are at the folder or device level.

  5. To configure the settings for the folder or device, click Override.

    The following is displayed:

    Current: /Devices/Servers
    Revert to settings from: (System)

    and the Preboot Menu Options section is enabled for editing. The above text varies depending on whether you are at the folder or device level.

  6. Select which option to use (PXE must be enabled on the device for the menu to be displayed):

    • Always Show Preboot Menu

    • Never Show Preboot Menu

    • Show Preboot Menu if CTRL+ALT is Pressed

    IMPORTANT:Do not select Always Show Preboot Menu if you have AutoYaST or kickstart bundles assigned to any devices, because the Preboot Services Menu interrupts the PXE boot process, keeping the AutoYaST or kickstart bundles from being deployed on the device. The Preboot Services Menu only has options for doing imaging work, not for installing operating systems.

    Therefore, select either Never Show Preboot Menu or Show Preboot Menu if CTRL+ALT is Pressed for your Preboot Services Menu option, which allows PXE-enabled Linux devices to automatically implement the AutoYaST or kickstart bundles.

  7. Click Apply or OK.

    OK: Enables the change and exits the page.

    Apply: Enables the change and retains focus on the page, so you can click Revert to temporarily disable the configuration change.

  8. To temporarily disable the change, click Revert and the ZENworks Management Zone settings for the menu remain in effect.