5.2 RPM Package Repository

The ZENworks Server contains all of the RPM packages and Dell Update Packages that are included in bundles defined within your Management Zone.

The following sections contain more information:

5.2.1 Package Repository Location

The package repository is the /var/opt/novell/zenworks/pkg-repo directory on the ZENworks Server. When you add an RPM package to a bundle, the package is automatically uploaded to the package repository. When you mirror Dell Update Packages, the packages are automatically bundled and uploaded to the package repository.

5.2.2 Package Replication

To ensure that all ZENworks Servers have the same RPM packages and Dell Update Package bundles to distribute, the ZENworks Primary Server can replicate all packages to any ZENworks Secondary Servers in the Management Zone. To enable replication, you need to establish a replication schedule (see Section 24.0, Replicating Content in the ZENworks Management Zone).

During replication of packages to a secondary server, only new packages and updates to existing packages are sent.

5.2.3 Package Administration

Because of the way that packages are replicated from the primary server to secondary servers, you must run the ZENworks Control Center or zlman utility from the primary server to add a package to a bundle. Doing so causes the package to be added to the primary server's package repository and then be replicated to all secondary servers.

If you add a package to a secondary server, the package does not exist on the primary server and is therefore removed the next time the primary server replicates its packages to the secondary server.

The same limitation applies to all package management tasks, such as modifying and deleting a package from a bundle. These tasks must be performed on the primary server.